1. Do I have to book Big Taxi in advance?

Yes, please book your Big Taxi 64878878 at least one day in advance.

2. Can I book Big Taxi instantly?

Yes, however due to limited taxi, instant booking might make you disappointed, as sometime our taxi might fully occupied.
Therefore we suggest passenger to book in advance.

3. May I book a round trip?

Yes, you may book round trip even if the return ride is not in the same day.

4. How many passenger may Big Taxi carry

Big TAXI may carry maximum of 4 passengers or
1 wheelchair + 2 passengers.

5. How much is the fare?

Booking between Urban and Airport is charge by meter + authorized surcharge (such as toll fee + luggage fee & parking fee)
There might be an extra booking fee for other booking, such as Wheelchair accessible, Urban to Urban & airport booking during Peak season), please contact us for details.

6. Estimated fare to/from Airport and Urban area

The below estimation fee is included toll feel but not included luggage fee $6/per luggage
Hong Kong Island (via Western Harbor Tunnel)
approx. $350-$450
approx. $250-$350
New territories
approx. $220-$400

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    In case no response after submitting this form, please make a text or WhatsApp or call to (852) 64 878 878.

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    Limited to 4 persons per Taxi only



    • There is a minimum charge for booking, please book one day in advance.
    • General Big Taxi: Charge by meter + $120 Booking Fee
    • Wheelchair accessible Taxi: Charge by meter + $120 Booking Fee
    • Some taxi offer Octopus / Credit Card payment services (with surcharge), please state your option during the reservation.
    • Please raise your special requests (e.g. English-speaking driver) when pre-booking.
    • Passenger is responsible for any additional charge (such as luggage fee, road fee etc).
    • The agreed booking fee and minimum fare by passenger is on voluntary basis. This is just as tips for the drivers to provide better services which wouldn’t be against the laws.

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